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Case Studies

Digitalisation and automation of damage report process

Digitalisation and automation of damage report process

Our customer is an international insurance group providing a tailored insurance product for event tickets. With Antson the complete claims process could be digitalized within 2 months reducing the processing time per claim to 7 minutes in average.
Milo Tischler

Christopher Knapp, founder and managing director wypeitaway

With ANTSON we have implemented the entire process chain of our wypeitaway platform from insurance contract to damage report without any programming effort and are able to implement extensions and adjustments just as flexibly and quickly.

The challenge

The damage reporting process however was paperbased, where customers had to send in the damage report along with ticket invoices by post. Backoffice processes were inefficient due to lack of digitalisation and manual processing of claims. Requests for missing invoices had to be sent back to the customers by post causing additional costs and increasing the processing time considerably. As the request volume tripled during the pandemic the manual processes could not keep up anymore. 

Fast-track digital transformation

Scope of Project in Antson

  • Replace paperbased claim requests into a fully digital request form in the UI design of the customer
  • Validation of data during request creation
  • End-to-End claims processing including backoffice processes
  • Export final report to insurer via interface for payout
  • Distribute workload in the backoffice
  • 10.000+ claims handled in Antson

The complete project was build on the Antson platform without any programming, only by using configuration and visual UI.


Automations Powerful backoffice

The fully customized backoffice is tailored to the process steps required to efficiently handle the claims.

Documents verification Document verification

Uploaded documents such as invoices or event tickets scans can be directly verified in the backoffice view.

icons End-to-end process

The full process from claims creation to backoffice review and communications with the customer has been covered.

Emails Communications

Automated communications, such as request for missing documents, are shortening down the throughput time considerably.

Integration Data export

Settled claims are automatically exported to the insurer for final settlement over an XML interface

Satisfaction Customer Feedback

The fast processing to payout and precise communications lead to an increase in high customer satisfaction with the insurer.

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