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Case Studies

Application form for investment funds

Application form for investment funds

Our fintech startup client needed a solution for a new application form to expand their portfolio. Antson's no-code platform empowered them to effortlessly create a complex form, integrate calculations with insurer APIs, and enable digital signatures via DocuSign.
Milo Tischler

Christopher Knapp, founder and managing director wypeitaway

With ANTSON we have implemented the entire process chain of our wypeitaway platform from insurance contract to damage report without any programming effort and are able to implement extensions and adjustments just as flexibly and quickly.

Johanna Ronay

Johanna Ronay, froots.io Customer Excellence Manager

“ANTSON enabled us to implement our requirements for the expansion of internal processes flexibly and without IT development effort in a short time.”

The challenge

In the course of the portfolio expansion of our customer a flexible and dynamic solution was needed to build a new application form for a life insurance product. The approach to using a no code platform enabled our customer to quickly implement a complex application form without the need of IT development.

Antson provides a tool which allows to easily integrate calculations performed directly in the form with results obtained from an API of the insurer. Our customer keeps full control over the complex calculations by building the complete logic in the no code drag and drop form builder in Antson. The application documents are generated dynamically and obtained via the API from the insurer. The whole process is finalized by a digital signature on the application documents which is performed by our integration to DocuSign. In the operations environment the application form is part of the broker platform of the insurer, to allow easy and quick access to it.


Scope of Project in Antson

  • Dynamic application form for §14 EStG investment funds for self-employed persons
  • Complex calculation logic configured in Antson without coding
  • Interface to the insurance provider's calculation kernel
  • Electronic signature via DocuSign
  • Integration into the broker portal

The complete project was build on the Antson platform without any programming, only by using configuration and visual UI.


Documents and digital signature Documents via API

The contractual documents are created dynamically by the core systems of the insurer and handed over to Antson via API.

Payments Premium calculation

The calculation of the investment conditions is built in Antson by using the intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Integration Corporate Design

The workflow is seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure and designed according to the customers brand.

Compliant and secure e-Signature

The generated documents are signed digitally by the broker and the customer via an integration with DocuSign. 

44 Sales Portal integration

Easy access and performance is granted by integrating the new workflow into the existing environment of the brokers.

icons Data Interfaces

The workflow has been integrated with the insurer API for calculation of term and generation of documents.

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