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Development for everyone

Optimize and automate your business processes with a platform that saves cost, time and IT capacities.
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Development for everyone

Optimize and automate your business processes with a platform that saves cost, time and IT capacities.
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Explore the possibilities
Antson offers you

VisualFormBuilder Visual Form Builder

Build forms for any purpose - product registration, claims, request forms - fast and reliable.

Compliant and secure Compliant and secure

GDPR compliant, multi-tenant capable, dynamically scalable on Azure Cloud for high frequency products.

Logic and Automation Logic and Automation

Every step is under your control. Easily manage logic inside your process with rules, actions, validations.

Integration Integration

Integrate the data generated in Antson workflows into your systems or fetch data from third party sources.

User management User management

Granular and flexible user management for full control over the process execution and data access.

Documents and digital signature Documents and digital signature

Create documents with dynamic content and let your customers sign digitally for fully compliant workflows.

Low Code - High Impact
  • Build processes without coding
  • Easily adapt your processes
  • Intuitive visual interfaces
  • Fast time to market for new ideas
Process ownership
  • Your experts build and manage the workflow
  • Adapt and optimize processes on the fly
  • Backoffice, Communication and Self-service
  • Deliver in your corporate design to your customers
Fast-track digital transformation
  • Process analysis and implementation support
  • Continuous platform development and enhancement
  • End-to-end process coverage or selected modules only
  • Cost and effort savings through automation
No-Code Platform

Antson is a cloud-based no-code platform for visually building and automating workflows. No-code platforms offer significant advantages by empowering users without programming expertise to create software applications. This accelerates development cycles, reduces costs, and democratizes application creation. No-code tools enhance agility, allowing your business to adapt quickly to changing requirements. They also promote innovation by enabling a broader range of individuals to contribute to application development, breaking down traditional barriers and promoting efficiency in the software creation process.


1.End-to-end Insurance Product
2.Automated quarterly report
3.Workflow automation
4.Online damage report form
5.Dynamic forms
6.Use powerful interfaces
End-to-end Insurance Product

Insurance request, self-service and damage report automated and without a line of code

Automated quarterly report

Easily generate a regular report to your customers

Workflow automation

Flexibly define and automate process steps

Online damage report form

Digitalize your damage reporting process for faster execution

Dynamic forms

Internal or external processes can be built in Antson without any programming.

Use powerful interfaces

Export or import data to your existing system

Don’t take our word for it

See the real world experiences and case studies


Read about how a Managing General Agent builds his whole insurance product from request to damage, covering payment processes as well as self-service. All without coding.


See how Antson provides the platform to manage thousands of claim reports for event ticket damages in Germany, Austria and Italy and covers the complete backoffice and settlement process.


Get a feeling how a FinTech Startup uses Antson so simplify and automate the generation of quarterly reports to hundreds of customers.

Hear from our customers

Christopher KNAPP

Christopher Knapp, founder and managing director wypeitaway

“With ANTSON we have implemented the entire process chain of our wypeitaway platform from insurance contract to damage report without any programming effort and are able to implement extensions and adjustments just as flexibly and quickly.”

Johanna Ronay, froots.io Customer Excellence Manager

“ANTSON enabled us to implement our requirements for the expansion of internal processes flexibly and without IT development effort in a short time.”

Johanna Ronay

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